Why I Chose To Leave Sotheby's and Partner with EXP

Why did we move brokerages?  Well, while our brand was strong at Sotheby's, the cost and the value afforded with that brand just didn't pencil out for us.  As a business owner with over $50 Million in Sales annually, we determined that our resources would be better served by investing back into our Team, our clients, and The Donna Roberts Group. 

When I chose to partner The Donna Roberts Group with EXP, I did so to bring better systems and opportunities to the people and agents I partner with here locally in Vancouver and Camas, Washington.  This business has been the most fulfilling, challenging, and life-changing journey of personal and professional growth.  My career has become much more than just selling real estate.  This journey has become about my health, relationships, creating wealth for retirement, and offering my agents and clients something different.  Our core values are all about thinking a bit differently.  I would not have been able to build this company without having mentors, coaches, and collaborating with top leaders in our industry.   I now have the mission of helping our people do the same.

We have so many amazing things rolling out and we want others to be a part of it!  On top of coaching with the top real estate coach in the nation, we also provide administrative, marketing, and sales support to our team.  What's NEW is some of these exciting opportunities we now have available with our move to EXP:

Sealed Health Care

Laughing Revenue Share

Cool Partnership with low-cost ancillary services to our clients 

Kiss A Cloud-Based Brokerage and Technology designed for the top 10% in the industry with no franchise fee

Wink Investment/Ownership opportunities (own real estate & investments) There are so many wealth building and networking opportunities that are rolling out for our top agents and staff.

If you are in real estate or thinking about getting into the business, I would love to speak with you and share how we operate.  Don't let another year go by where you are not able to fulfill your potential or your dreams.  Don't let other people's opinions stop you from taking a step that could literally change your life.  

I'm meeting with people right now.  I'm looking for the right people to pour into so that 2021 will be an amazing year for all.  Are you one of those?  Send me a message for a confidential conversation! 

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